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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the App Secure?

This APP is Offline App. All your personal data lives in your Phone only. You can run this app on Airplane Mode.

What features does the App have?

This APP will encode your personal information as QR code. It will remember each data that you have supplied and maintains QR code integrity.

How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?

You can download from Google Play store below or Simply Download directly from our website here.

How does Passport2020 differ from usual apps?

1) Passport2020 does not use Bluetooth probe mechanism and does not run in background draining your battery life.
2) Your personal information like your Name and Number is encoded in QR Code for obfuscation.
3) When used with our Business App your data is fully protected from prying eyes and any listeners as our Business APP silently can scan QR code to protect your identity in public space.


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