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Numerous features make it possible to customize the system in accordance with all your needs.

Legal compliance
(Max inside cap, Max time spent inside cap, etc.)
Instant phone verification before entry.
No false numbers.
Secure data. All users data are encrypted.
Monitor page to view and control access per client.
Full database backup. Backup to Google Drive, Email, and even transfer via Bluetooth.
One-click mass-notifier in case of any outbreaks. Saves you hours.
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PassPort2020 has plans that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.
Please contact us for large scale deployment and pricing option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Is the App Secure?

All users information are encrypted before storing in database. All data are locally stored in the phone itself. This is an offline app. Therefore, it as a very secure system.

What features does the App have?

As a business owner you can digitize and automate customer check-in and check-out. You can also automate the process of sending mass text/sms messages to all customers/clients who was in your facility if an outbreak occurs.

As a customer/client you can safely use this app to obsticate your personal details like your name and phone number using QR code. The business version of the app can read QR codes for data entry.
Thus eliminating the privacy issues that arise while calling out your number loud.

How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?

Currently we only support Android for our App. IPhone version will be released soon.

How does PassPort2020 differ from usual apps?

PassPort2020 does not use Bluetooth to constantly probe for nearby phones. All check-in's and check-out's are done via member of staff ( cashier, doorman, etc ). App can scan QR codes representation of clients/customers Name and Phone number to make the process absolute secure from prying eyes. All text fields used for manual data entry are password-type.


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